Absolut Citron Vodka

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Absolut Citron Vodka, introduced in 1988, is a popular and affordable flavored vodka produced by Absolut Vodka. Made from winter wheat and infused with lemon and lime essences, it offers a refreshing and zesty profile. With its versatility and reasonable price range, it quickly became a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts looking for a high-quality flavored vodka.

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Discover the delightful Absolut Citron Vodka, a sought-after variant filled with zingy flavors and a smooth 40% ABV. Crafted with utmost care from premium winter wheat, this vodka is perfect for creating refreshing cocktails or savoring on its own. At Best Whiskey Online, we offer the original product, ensuring its authenticity, and convenient home delivery. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to bring the unique taste of Absolut Citron Vodka straight to your door.