Rhum Clement Select Barrel Rum

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Rhum Clement Select Barrel Rum is a prestigious rum with a rich history dating back to 1887. Made in Martinique, an island known for its high-quality rum, Clement distillery uses traditional methods and is dedicated to creating a superior product. This rum is crafted from carefully selected and aged rums, including some single barrel releases, resulting in a unique blend of flavors and characteristics. With over a century of experience, Rhum Clement Select Barrel Rum represents a commitment to excellence and carries the weight of its history with pride.

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Discover the luxury of Rhum Clement Select Barrel Rum, a highly sought-after spirit renowned for its outstanding quality and unparalleled smoothness. Crafted with care, this premium rum is aged in oak barrels to enhance its distinct flavors and complexity. With an impressive ABV of 40%, it promises an exceptional tasting experience. Best Whiskey Online is delighted to offer this original product, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.