Roe + Co Blended Irish Whiskey

Roe + Co Blended Irish Whiskey is a revival of the historic Roe family whiskey brand in Dublin, Ireland. The iconic Guinness brewery decided to honor the Roe family’s legacy and, under Master Blender Caroline Martin’s guidance, created a blend of Irish whiskeys that combines tradition with innovation. Roe + Co is known for its smooth and sophisticated taste, representing Irish craftsmanship. It has gained popularity worldwide among whiskey enthusiasts due to its high quality and affordable price.

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Looking for a premium Irish whiskey that delivers on smoothness and richness? Look no further than Roe + Co Blended Irish Whiskey. This globally renowned whiskey is crafted with expertise and dedication, showcasing the true artistry behind whiskey-making. Now you can enjoy this original product in the comfort of your own home, thanks to Best Whiskey Online. And with an impressive ABV of 45%, your taste buds are in for a treat. Cheers!