Roots Mastiha Liqueur

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Roots Mastiha Liqueur is an exotic and unique liqueur with ancient Greek roots. It is made from Mastiha, a rare resin sourced from the Mastiha tree found only on the Greek island of Chios. This liqueur has a rich history and is highly valued for its healing properties and captivating flavor. Roots Mastiha Liqueur is a modern take on this ancient elixir, produced with great care and using traditional methods. Despite its historical significance, this delightful liqueur is also affordable, with a price point under $50, making it a taste of history and sophistication that is accessible to all.

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Looking for a high-quality Greek liqueur that captures the essence of Mastiha resin? Look no further than Roots Mastiha Liqueur, available for delivery to your doorstep through Best Whiskey Online. With its balanced taste experience, this original and exceptional product is sure to impress. Don’t miss out on this unique liquor, with an ABV of 30%.