Rum Chata Coconut Cream

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Rum Chata Coconut Cream is a popular and delicious drink that was introduced in the United States in 2009. Made by Agave Loco Brands, it is a blend of Caribbean rum, real dairy cream, and exotic spices, with a prominent cinnamon flavor. Inspired by a traditional horchata recipe, Rum Chata combines the classic beverage with a tropical twist of coconut. Despite being a relatively new addition to the market, it has quickly become a favorite in bars and kitchens, offering warmth and indulgence to a variety of cocktails.

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If you’re a coconut lover, you’ll absolutely adore Rum Chata Coconut Cream! This deliciously smooth and creamy liqueur offers a tropical coconut flavor that will transport you straight to paradise. As an original product, you can conveniently have it delivered to your doorstep by Best Whiskey Online. With an ABV of 13.75%, this delightful drink is sure to satisfy your coconut cravings.