Selvarey Chocolate Rum

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Selvarey Chocolate Rum is a premium and delicious blend of chocolate and rum, crafted by the Don Pancho Distillery in Panama. Created in collaboration with master blender Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, this luxurious spirit captures the tropical essence and offers a unique and decadent drinking experience. With its affordable price under $50, Selvarey Chocolate Rum provides quality without breaking the budget for rum enthusiasts.

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Selvarey Chocolate Rum is an exceptional choice for those seeking a premium and distinctive drinking experience. Crafted by the well-respected brand Selvarey, this rum offers an indulgent combination of rich chocolate flavors. Whether you prefer sipping it neat, over ice, or incorporating it into delicious cocktails, Selvarey Chocolate Rum guarantees a satisfying taste. Enjoy the convenience of having this delightful spirit delivered right to your doorstep by Best Whiskey Online. Please note, Selvarey Chocolate Rum has an ABV of 35%.