Sono 1420 Blaze Cinnamon Whisky

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Sono 1420 Blaze Cinnamon Whisky is a new and popular whisky known for its bold cinnamon flavor. Introduced in 2018 by Connecticut-based distillery Sono 1420, this unique drink is made by infusing premium American bourbon with natural cinnamon flavors. Despite its short history, it has gained a reputation for its smoothness, versatility, and spicy character among whisky enthusiasts.

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Looking to add a unique twist to your whiskey collection? Look no further than the 750ML bottle of Sono 1420 Blaze Cinnamon Whisky. This high-quality spirit, crafted by Sono 1420, offers a distinct cinnamon flavor that sets it apart from other whiskies. With an ABV of 37.5%, it delivers a smooth and flavorful experience. Best Whiskey Online makes it even easier to enjoy this gem, as they conveniently deliver it to your doorstep. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind whiskey that combines tradition with a touch of cinnamon.