SoNo 1420 Midnight New American Gin

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SoNo 1420 Midnight New American Gin is a gin that honors Sonoma County’s gin-making history while adding modern innovation to create a unique and timeless gin experience. Handcrafted at the address 1420, it combines traditional techniques with a nod to the past and pushes boundaries to capture the essence of Sonoma County.

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Discover the incredible sensory experience of SoNo 1420 Midnight New American Gin. Crafted by the renowned Sono 1420 distillery, this gin offers a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary flavors, delivering a strength and complexity that will impress any gin enthusiast. Now, you can easily enjoy this original product from the comfort of your own home – simply order it from Best Whiskey Online. With an ABV of 44%, this gin is sure to add a delightful touch to your favorite cocktails.