Swamp Fox Southern Secret Moonshine 130 Proof

SKU: swamp-fox-southern-secret-moonshine-130-proof

Swamp Fox Southern Secret Moonshine 130 Proof is a unique and flavorful whiskey that pays tribute to the history of moonshine in America. Inspired by the Prohibition era, this whiskey embodies the rebellious spirit and craftsmanship of its predecessors. With a distinct taste and high alcohol content of 130 proof, it has gained popularity among whiskey enthusiasts. Priced under $50, this premium quality whiskey provides an exceptional value for those looking to explore the world of whisky.

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Discover the remarkable flavor of Swamp Fox Southern Secret Moonshine 130 Proof, a highly esteemed whiskey with a 40% alcohol by volume. Crafted by the renowned Swamp Fox distillery, this 750ML bottle promises a bold and exhilarating tasting journey. Conveniently order it from Best Whiskey Online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in the authentic and exceptional taste of this outstanding moonshine.